NCAA South Regional Cross Country 2023 Results: Parker Valby Wins

NCAA South Regional Cross Country 2023 Results: Parker Valby Wins

Parker Valby wins the 2023 NCAA South Regional Cross Country race. Here are the men's and women's results.

Nov 10, 2023 by Joe Harrington

The NCAA Division I South Regional will once again send Parker Valby to the Women’s 2023 Cross Country Championship on Nov. 18. 

The junior from Florida won the 6000m run with a time of 17 minutes and 59.6 seconds. Varby helped the Gators finish second in the regional meet, meaning they will automatically qualify as a team to the NCAA Championship.

This is the second year in a row Valby has won the regional. She went on to finish second to NCAA champion Katelyn Tuohy in 2022. 

Tennessee won the team race  and will also head to the Cross Country Championship. 

On the men's side, Tennessee also won the regional, followed by Florida State. Both teams will automatically qualify for the NCAA Championship. Hillary Cheruiyot won the men's 10000m race with a time of 28 minutes and 26.8 seconds. He was followed by teammate Victor Kiprop. They will qualify for the NCAA Championship. 

NCAA Cross Country Regionals 2023 Results

Here are the results from all the regions: 

How Do Teams, Runners Qualify For NCAA D1 Cross Country National Championship?

For men's and women's, the top two teams in each regional — there are nine in total — automatically qualify for the championships, which equates to 18 automatic qualifiers. 

The NCAA DI Cross Country Subcommittee will then choose 13 at-large teams to fill out the 31 team field.

Individually,  the first four finishers who do not belong to an automatic qualifier or an at-large team automatically advance to the championships. All four finishers have to finish in the top 25 within their region. Altogether, 36 individuals automatically qualify and two are chosen at-large, making 38 the grand total. The two at-large selections are the highest placing individuals at a regional that were not automatic qualifiers.

Here are the full results from the 2023 NCAA South Regional. 

NCAA South Regional Cross Country 2023 Results: Women's 6000m

  1. Parker Valby (Florida)             17:59.6
  2. Doris Lemngole (Alabama)           18:02.7
  3. Hilda Olemomoi (Alabama)           18:04.5
  4. Alyson Churchill (Florida State)   18:39.7
  5. Daphnee Lavassas (Miami)           18:49.7
  6. Loral Winn (Ole Miss)              18:52.1
  7. Ashley Jones (Tennessee)           18:52.9
  8. Flomena Asekol (Florida)           18:53.5
  9. Kiara Carter (Lipscomb)            18:54.4
  10. Jillian Candelino (Tennessee)      18:55.0
  11. Jessie Secor (Tennessee)           18:57.7
  12. Rachel Sutliff (Tennessee)         19:00.1
  13. Purity Sanga (Mid. Tenn. State)    19:01.3
  14. Allison Wilson (Florida)           19:02.0
  15. Ryann Helmers (Ole Miss)           19:03.9
  16. Skylar Boogerd (Ole Miss)          19:05.2
  17. Kaitlyn Vanderkolk (Belmont)       19:05.3
  18. Lydia Miller (Lipscomb)            19:07.6
  19. Kamila Soja (Mercer)               19:08.7
  20. Joy Gill (Alabama)                 19:10.1
  21. Caroline Lyerly (Tennessee)        19:12.7
  22. Lesley Green (Chattanooga)         19:13.4
  23. Kayla Gholar (Tennessee)           19:15.2
  24. Harley Kletz (Lipscomb)            19:15.9
  25. Elise Thorner (Florida)            19:16.7
  26. Gene Coetzee (Auburn)              19:16.9
  27. Mackenzie Barnett (Lipscomb)       19:25.6
  28. Hannah Ielfield (Ole Miss)         19:33.2
  29. Colbi Borland (Lipscomb)           19:37.7
  30. Sarah Schiffmann (Ole Miss)        19:41.9
  31. Liina Winborn (Florida)            19:45.1
  32. Elka Machan (Alabama)              19:46.6
  33. Emma Sullivan (Kennesaw State)     19:48.5
  34. Mary Brady (Georgia Tech)           19:51.6
  35. Grace Driskill (Georgia Tech)      19:51.8
  36. Grace Litzinger (Belmont)          19:53.4
  37. Liza Corso (Lipscomb)              19:54.9
  38. Julia Rosenberg (Vanderbilt)       19:55.9
  39. Rebecca Bergnes (Florida State)    19:56.6
  40. Andie-Marie Jones (Tennessee)      19:56.7
  41. McKenzie Hogue (Alabama)           20:00.8
  42. Katy Earwood (Georgia Tech)        20:03.1
  43. Ellie Brewer (Lipscomb)            20:04.3
  44. Ramat Jimoh (Miss State)            20:05.8
  45. Sinkenesh Parker (Samford)         20:05.8
  46. Valerie Lastra (FIU)               20:07.9
  47. Hannah Tarwater (Auburn)           20:08.9
  48. Ciara Miles (Kennesaw State)       20:09.1
  49. Brooke Garter (Belmont)            20:09.4
  50. Bieke Schipperen (Florida State)   20:11.2

Here are the full results. 

NCAA South Regional Cross Country 2023 Results: Men's 10000m

  1. Hillary Cheruiyot (Alabama)             28:26.8
  2. Victor Kiprop (Alabama)                 28:29.9
  3. Yaseen Abdalla (Tennessee)              28:41.3
  4. David Mullarkey (Florida State)         28:45.0
  5. Jason Bowers (East Tenn. St.)           28:51.3
  6. Gabriel Sanchez (Tennessee)             28:56.8
  7. Brian Kiptoo (Mid. Tenn. State)         29:05.2
  8. Vincent Yegon (Mid. Tenn. State)        29:09.8
  9. Cruz Gomez (Ole Miss)                   29:13.0
  10. Abdirizak Ibrahim (Florida State)       29:14.4
  11. Dean Casey (Tennessee)                  29:15.6
  12. Ryan Kinnane (Auburn)                   29:16.7
  13. Jack Meijer (Ole Miss)                  29:17.6
  14. Cooper Schroeder (Florida State)        29:18.7
  15. Toby Gillen (Ole Miss)                  29:19.8
  16. Brady Johnson (Lipscomb)                29:26.9
  17. Eli Nahom (Tennessee)                   29:30.6
  18. Aidan OGorman (North Florida)           29:32.0
  19. Matthew Neill (Florida State)           29:32.8
  20. Eliud Kipsang (Alabama)                 29:35.6
  21. Habtamu Geta (Mid. Tenn. State)         29:37.4
  22. Ben Butcher (Lipscomb)                  29:38.0
  23. Robert Pedroza (North Florida)          29:38.9
  24. Ahmed Ibrahim (Florida State)           29:40.1
  25. Evan Guzman (East Tenn. St.)            29:41.4
  26. Carson Burian (Alabama)                 29:44.6
  27. Cole Bullock (Ole Miss)                 29:44.9
  28. Hillary Kimaiyo (Mid. Tenn. State)      29:48.2
  29. Ethan Geiger (Florida)                  29:49.3
  30. Charles Condra (Georgia)                29:49.4
  31. Jacob Lewis (Tennessee)                 29:50.8
  32. Braedon Palmer (Lipscomb)               29:53.6
  33. Carson Bedics (Auburn)                  29:57.8
  34. Ilias El Khattabi (North Florida)       30:03.1
  35. Owen Horevay (Lipscomb)                 30:04.0
  36. Jacob Nenow (Tennessee)                 30:06.1
  37. Jacob Harris (Alabama)                  30:06.3
  38. Carter Cheeseman (Belmont)              30:08.0
  39. Miceal McCaul (Tennessee Tech)          30:10.4
  40. Zachary Cloud (Florida State)           30:11.8
  41. Brandon Olden (Tennessee)               30:12.8
  42. Aiden Britt (Ole Miss)                  30:24.0
  43. John Higinbotham (Georgia Tech)         30:24.6
  44. Zac Shaffer (Belmont)                   30:28.4
  45. Zach Leachman (Florida State)           30:29.2
  46. Cole Perry (North Florida)              30:29.4
  47. Max Hardin (Auburn)                     30:29.8
  48. Austen Cannon (Miami (Fla.))            30:31.1
  49. Nick Mota (Belmont)                     30:32.0
  50. Aiden Arnold (North Florida)            30:32.6

Here are the full results.

Who Qualified For The Women’s 2023 Cross Country Championship From NCAA Division I South Regional?

The two automatic qualifiers from the South Region in the women's race are Tennessee and Florida. 

When Will The NCAA DI Cross Country Subcommittee Select At-Large Teams?

The  Division I Cross Country Selection Announcement (31 teams / 38 individuals per gender) will happen at 5 p.m. EST on Nov. 11. It will stream on the NCAA's website. 

When Is The NCAA D1 Cross Country Championships 2023; NCAA XC Championship Schedule

The Cross Country Championships are at 10: 20 a.m. (women’s 600m) and 11:10 a.m. (men’s 10000m) on Nov. 18. 

Where Are The NCAA D1 Cross Country Championships 2023

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Division I National Championships are at Panorama Farms in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Here are where all divisions are being held: 

  • Division I: Panorama Farms in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
  • Division II: Tom Rutledge Cross Country Course, Joplin, Missouri 
  • Division III: Big Spring High School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

How To Watch The NCAA D1 Cross Country Championships 2023

The event for Division I is streaming on ESPNU. Division II and III are streaming on 

NCAA XC Championships 2023 Results Will Be On FloTrack

FloTrack will have the latest results and breaking news from Virginia on Nov. 18. 

Where Are the D1 Cross Country Regionals 2023? 

Here are where all the regionals are being held on Nov. 10.  

  • Great Lakes (Host: Wisconsin): Zimmer Championship Course
  • Mid-Atlantic (Host: Lehigh): Goodman Campus Cross Country Course
  • Midwest (Host: Oklahoma State): Greiner Family OSU Cross Country Course
  • Mountain (Host: Texas Tech): Chaparral Ridge Cross Country Course
  • Northeast (Host): Columbia: Van Cortlandt Park
  • South (Host: Florida): Mark Bostick Golf Course
  • South Central (Host: Arkansas): Agri Park
  • Southeast (Host: South Carolina Upstate): Milliken Research Center
  • West (Host: Sacramento State): Haggin Oaks Golf Course

Where Is the The NCAA D1 XC Championships 2024

Next year’s national championship meet is Nov. 23 with Wisconsin hosting. Missouri will host the national championship in 2025 on Nov. 22.

FloTrack Is Streaming Cross Country High School State Meets All November

November is also the month of high school cross country championship meets. Check the FloTrack schedule for a list of all the state championships streaming on FloTrack

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